Kinderdijk, land of Windmills, November 5, 2018

We docked in Kinderdijk, the Netherlands, this morning.  The day is chilly and somewhat overcast.  We are taking a two hour walking tour of the windmills of Kinderdijk.


Our tour guide, Teo, is a retired civil engineer and one of two hundred volunteers who proudly escort visitors and locals alike.


The windmills are a world heritage site.  Their purpose was to pump water from the low land to the high land and then out to the sea.  Here are a few more photos of them.  

DSC09218 3


Teo explained how the windmills work and about life as a miller and family living in one of them.    Here are a few photos taken inside the windmill.






There are two different styles of windmills at Kinderdijk.  One is built with brick . . .


. . . and the other with wood.


This exterior wooden structure enables the miller to turn the windmill to face the wind.


After our excursion into the heart of a windmill, we had an opportunity to stop in a small workshop to see some of the tools used in maintaining the mills.  Here is one photo of a diagram of a windmill and another of some of the tools of the trade.

The windmills have been replaced with diesel pumps.  Here is a photo of the screws that move the water.

Kinderdijk is living history and well worth the visit.


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