Strasbourg, November 9, 2018

Name a cosmopolitan city that was once in Germany, then in France, and back and forth more than once.  Strasbourg, is a flashpoint for Franco-German rivalry.  A wonderful city that is the home to the Parliament of the European Union and Strasbourg University.  A great place to visit.  

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Our tour guide for the day was Audrey and she was terrific.  Knowledgeable and well spoken.  A great representative of the city of Strasbourg.  She gave us a great overview of her city and its history.

Here is a photo of Audrey and George, our cruise director on the Hlin and the Kara.  Do you wonder what George is thinking?


George is absolutely a wonderful cruise director and I would be remiss if I didn’t complement him.  He obviously loves his job.  As he says, the crew on the Viking Kara is his family and they clearly return his love.

We toured on a bus for about forty minutes and I did my best to get a couple of photos as we drove past some of the sites.  Sorry if the photos are a little iffy.

DSC09558 2

DSC09559 2


DSC09568 2


Then we left the bus to start a walking tour.  Here are a couple of shots as we walked along the quay.


DSC09594 2


DSC09603 2

We strolled along streets with half-timber houses, . . .


DSC09588 2

DSC09605 2

overhanging the thoroughfare, as we made out way past Place Gutenberg . . .

DSC09619 2

. . . on our way to the Cathedral of Notre Dame.


DSC09632 2

Audrey walked us through the Cathedral and pointed out the highlights of the interior.  I returned later, after lunch, to stroll through and take a few photos.

We decided to have lunch at Maison Kammerzell, a restaurant near the Cathedral.  I am certain it caters to tourists but it is also popular with locals as well.  Maison Kammerzell,  located in this lovely building, . . .

DSC08853 2

. . . is very attractive inside and obviously has hosted to numerous celebrities.

DSC08865 2


After a terrific lunch, I had veal kidneys, something I really like and that are really hard to find (a quality French restaurant is a good place to look). we were on our way back to the Cathedral.  Here is a collection of photos from this beautiful Cathedral.

DSC09675 2


DSC09688 2







Barbara and Jimmy decided to return to the boat and JoAnn and I decided to stroll around the area.  Here are a few shots of the area.  It is really an exciting city and the core area is lovely.

DSC08869 2


DSC08897 2


Then, we returned to Place de la Cathedral where I took these photos.

DSC08924 2


And, before we knew it, we were back on the Kara.

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