Rhine River Epilogue; a reflection on Strasbourg

At this stopping point I would normally comment on what a wonderful trip we had; and it was wonderful.  Barbara and Jimmy had never been on a river cruise and we were excited to show them a form of travel that we really enjoy.  Preparations for Christmas Markets were underway in each of the cities we visited and we would comment to them on how much fun and exciting they are.  JoAnn and I did Christmas Markets on the Rhine in 2015 (and I would do the trip again in a heartbeat).

Of course, since we returned, and while I was completing my blog, the tragedy in Strasbourg occurred.  It was a senseless and cruel event that, rather than striking fear in us, makes us realize how amazing each and every day is.  Treasure each of them!  We have so little time to experience the marvels that life has to offer that we cannot take any single day for granted.

We are not afraid to travel.  Events such as Strasbourg will not deter us.  It makes us stronger and more resolute to live each day to the fullest.  Our hearts go out the people of Strasbourg and France and to all who are threatened by acts of terrorism and hatred.

We travel to experience the world and, as we go, we hope to use good judgment and not take foolish chances.  But, at the same time, we are just as vulnerable at home; the USA is no stranger to tragedy and we are just as exposed here, if not more so, as in Europe.

Strasbourg strong!

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