January 24, 2019; In the sky, Philadelphia to Miami


Travel always begins when our friend John picks us up at home only to deliver us to the airport about 40 minutes later.  Its a ritual.  Today, thanks to the inability of elected officials to compromise, we left exceedingly early to be certain we cleared security in time.  In fact, security was almost empty when we arrived and we almost cruised through.

My carry-on bag was flagged, searched and passed through a second time.  Can’t be too careful and we didn’t mind.  Apparently my camera and telephoto lens were the culprits.  They, for all their trouble are my essential travel companions.  For all that the nation’s TSA agents are going through they were remarkably upbeat and courteous.

At the moment we are 30,000 feet in the air and drinking white wine.  Rule of thumb in our lives is white wine to start the day and red wine thereafter.  Now, if we were relaxing on the stern of a ship we might indulge in a morning bloody Mary or two.  These are axioms by which we live.  And, every time we toast it is always in Hungarian, “Egezsegere,” followed by “Prague Rules,” which we learned on our only visit to that exciting city.  Silly some of the traditions that develop but this is ours and we enjoy it.  It reminds us of good times and adventures with good friends (are you there Jimmy and Barbara).  What more can you ask for?

The plane is packed and everyone is locked into their self-contained cocoons.  Some working on computers, like the young man next to JoAnn, and others watching movies on their iPads or playing on their telephones.  Me, I’m blogging on my iPad.  

We are due to arrive at Miami International at about 1:17pm, just about 37 minutes from now.  When we left Philadelphia it was warmish, in the 50s, and rainy.  The flight, although pleasant, has been bumpy to say the least.  Years ago, when I was really an uncomfortable flyer, I would have seen white on my knuckles.  Today, I am much more comfortable, even in a plane that seems to bounce all over the sky.  Funny, when you stand on the ground and look up flights always seem so smooth and effortless.

So much for arriving at 1:17; we are now redirected to the west coast of Florida.  Our estimated arrival time is now 2:11.  Good thing we don’t have anything planned today other than checking into the Kimpton Epic Hotel and enjoying what it has to offer.  I wonder why we are diverted.  Maybe it has to do with weather.  The forecast was for storms in the afternoon.  No announcement, so I am left to consider the options on my own.  Hey, there’s Tampa!  Passing Fort Myers.  Over Key West.  Captain ultimately confirmed my thinking, weather is the problem.  Looks like we are finally heading into Miami; bouncing around like the metal ball in a pinball game.

We made it!  Checked into the Kimpton Epic on Biscayne Boulevard.  Our room is terrific.  It is a two room suite with an outstanding view.  Too bad the weather is awful.  Have a look at our accomadations.

Later on we are joining friends for the evening; Sondra and George to catch up and for a light dinner. They are doing well and enjoying life in South Florida. Following a dinner of tapas in the bar at Area 31, on the 16th floor, we returned to our suite where I took these photos of Miami at night.

Good night Miami.


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