Miami, January 25, 2019

We awoke to the pounding of a jack hammer.  There is a good deal of construction going on in Miami.  Although we are on the 25th floor, we can hear and see the ongoing work.


We took our time this morning.  I went in search of a Starbucks in order to satisfy our caffine needs and found one about three blocks away.  An hour later and before we knew it we were on our way.  I needed to stop by the local Apple store and there was one in the Brickel Center.  So, we strolled over there to have lunch and so I could purchase what I needed and left at home.

We had lunch at Big Easy.  We thought it referred to New Orleans but, no, it referred to a professional golfer by the name of Theodore Ernest Els, a South African,  It was very nice and we enjoyed our lunch.  As we walked down and back on Brickell Boulavard, I took the following photographs.  The first photo is of a Presbyterian Church which stands in stark contrast to the modern buildings all around.


The area is modern and interesting.  Here are a couple of shots of the area.



Here is a shot inside the Brickell Center, a modern and “open air” shopping center.


And here is a shot of JoAnn inside the Brickell Center.  It is very nice and has a number of stores, many of which are up-scale.  It is a delight to visit, especially in the middle of winter when one is from the North East.


On our way back I took this shot of a pelican.


I stopped to take these photos of the pillars that support the W Hotel.  They reminded me of the heads on Easter Island.



And this is a photo of a scuplture on a bridge spanning the Miami River.  It reflects local subjects and is quite striking.


And here is a piece of street art that I liked.


Before we knew it, we were back at the Epic and preparing for dinner.  We made a reservation at Boulud Sud, a Daniel Boulud restaurant.  We arrived at 7pm, as planned.  The place is modern and attractive.  Here is a shot of the inside taken from our table.  Its a little cockeyed because it was taken with my cell phone, looking backward over my shoulder.


We truly enjoyed dinner.  We shared an artichoke small plate and an octopus appetizer.  JoAnn had sea bass as her entre and I had chicken tangine.  Our meals, and our server, were outstanding.  From there it was back to the Epic to prepare for tomorrow and the Celebrity Equinox.


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