From the Epic to the Equinox, January 26, 2019

The weather has turned nasty; heavy rain combined with chilly temperatures.  Its time to transfer from the Epic to the Equinox.  Should be relatively simple, call for a bellman to gather the luggage, pay our bill and hail a taxi.  No problem, or is there?

Our bellman was very efficient and very nice.  Amid the confusion that greeted us when we arrived at the lobby exit, cars were jumbled all around as police detoured traffic around closed avenues, our bellman was able to find us a taxi.  Apparently something was going on at Bayside and roads were closed in all directions.

Nothing was coming or going into or out of the hotel driveway.  Streets were at a crawl; horns honking and drivers fuming.  Normally, the trip from the Epic to the Port of Miami would take about 10 to 15 minutes.  We sat in our taxi outside the hotel for that long and until our driver was waved ahead.  Lights meant nothing, we were at the mercy of the police.

Our driver knew the way and soon we were escaping the disaster that was downtoen Miami and on our way.  We delivered our luggage to a pier-side porter, a little tip is always appreciated, and headed for the entrance.  It was not the usual crush to which we have become accustomed.  We actually cruised right through and before we knew it we were on the Equinox.

As is our habit, we stopped for lunch at Sushi on 5; a Japanese restaurant that we really enjoy.  We spent about an hour and a half, taking our time waiting for the cabins to become available.  By the time we were finished lunch our cabin, 9246, was open and off we went to unpack and begin exploring the ship.

Here are a couple of photos of the Miami skyline which I took from our stateroom.



Of course, there was the mandatory muster drill.  On this ship, based on our room location, we were assigned to the photo gallery for the drill.  But once we got there they sent us down to Celebrity Central, a smaller showroom, where we sat through the drill in great comfort.  So comfortable that the gentleman next to me fell asleep.  Best of all, we were saved from wearing a life vest.

From there we made our way to the Sky Lounge for sailing.  Here are a couple of shots as we sailed from the Port of Miami.  These were taken through the blue tinted glass in the lounge.



The ship is very nice.  I will be posting about the ship later in the trip.

We decided to have dinner in the Tuscan Grill.  But first we went to the show lounge to listen to the comedian.  He was very topical and very funny.  Then, on our way to the Tuscan, we stopped for a beverage at the Ensemble Lounge.  Here is a photo I took.  It is of a glass of beer back lit by a red light.  In my imagination it is the picture of a tree at sunset.  Let me know what you think.


After dinner it was back to our cabin in anticipation of Sunday in Key West.



  1. Barbara

    I really like the beer picture with the red background. It does look like a tree. Hoping for better weather for the rest of your trip.

  2. Gail Kessler

    Bayside was setting up bleachers when we were there on Jan.11th. in anticipation of something big happening. I found on google the Miami Marathon Events at Bayside from Friday until Sunday of this past weekend. There were many events scheduled.

    Your beer picture looks to me like the face of a sleeping fetus. The right hand corner looks like a closed eyelid. (once a baby nurse, always a baby nurse)!

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