A Not so perfect day at CocoCay, August 25, 2021

Wednesday, August 25th, arrived to misty, foggy, rainy weather. The visit to CocoCay certainly looked to be in jeopardy. Here is a photo I took from our balcony at about 7:15 AM.

The wind was howling and the Captain was quite obviously concerned since he made an announcement around 8:30 AM that we were going to stay on board and he would reassess the situation at 10 AM. Here is a photo of the island and if you look at the trees you can see how they are being blown from left to right (or as we nautically say from port to starboard).

True to his word, the Captain told us at 10 AM that the island was being prepared for guests and we could go ashore in a little while but that some services would not be operational. JoAnn and I made our way down to deck 2 around 11, where we went through security and made our way down the gangway. It’s a long walk from the ship to the entrance. Here’s a shot as we approached the island.

Take a look at how the wind is whipping up the surf along the shoreline just in front of the “perfect day“ sign.

The sign says it all, “Welcome to CocoCay.”

I think the bulk of the pictures to follow will speak for themselves. I will tell you what each area is and ultimately I will insert a map so that you can see where the various places are located.

JoAnn and I both agree that CocoCay is clean and inviting. There is a lot of room in the sprawling complex and, if you are a beach person or just someone who likes to relax, there is a space for everyone. There are umbrellas galore, cabanas, sun beds and accommodations in profusion. And, of course, there is the Thrill Park with the Daredevil’s Tower which, at 135 feet, is the tallest water slide in North America. Let’s start our tour in the Thrill Waterpark beginning with a photo of Daredevil’s Tower. Believe me when I tell you it looks much more imposing in person.

Just a note: The weather was, at best, overcast and most of my photos are dark and gloomy. To provide a better viewing experience I have edited some of them to brighten them. I don’t normally edit what I take but in this case I made an exception. Don’t be fooled, the weather was really lousy.

The following photos of Daredevil’s Tower are before and after. Let me know what you think and prefer.

On the way in with some of Daredevil’s slides on the left.

Showers and lockers are all in one building as you enter.

Entrance to the wave pool and the pool. The wave pool is reputed to be the largest wave pool in the Caribbean. That’s interesting since it is in the Bahamas and the Bahamas are not technically in the Caribbean.

Here is the zip line tower. It extends quite a distance ultimately ending at the far end of Harbor Lagoon..

This is a photo of Splash Summit Waterslides.

Sorry to say but I missed a photo of the Adventure Pool which includes an obstacle course, a rock wall and two swing ropes.

We passed by Splashaway Bay on our way to Captain Jack’s Bar. Splashaway Bay looks like a great place for youngsters with its waterslides, fountains, pools and massive drench buckets. Have a look.

Captain Jack’s was a great stop to sit and relax and have a brew. We each sat in one of these chairs.

From Captain Jack’s we were able to look across Harbor Lagoon to Harbor Beach on the other side. There is an interesting water fountain in the middle of the lagoon. Have a look at the lagoon and Harbor Beach.

And here is another view of Captain Jack’s as you approach.

From Captain Jack’s we were over the bridge spanning Harbor Lagoon to Chill Island. This is a spot for beach lovers with cabanas and umbrellas and lots of lounges.

On our way we passed the island market which is a collection of multi colored buildings that are very pretty. Here you can get traditional island items.

Chill Island lived up to its name today in that the winds cooled everything down. The beach looks really nice and inviting and, although no one was there today, I am sure it will be packed on regular sailing on good days.

There are signs all over the island providing directions to all locations.

This is a photo of a little bar just plopped down on the beach.

Here is a photo of the Breezy Bay at Chill Island floating cabanas.

From there we made our way to the Oasis Lagoon. This is really a swimming pool area with a floating bar. It was very attractive with ample seating all around. Here is a shot of the pool. And the bar from the “land side.”

Then we were off in search of “Up, Up and Away,” the balloon ride that, for obvious reasons, was cancelled today. It’s tucked back behind the Oasis Lagoon. No flying for us today. Maybe next year in France.

From there we were off in search of lunch. We found the Chill Grill on Chill Island. I had a hamburger and hot dog and JoAnn had a Cubano sandwich. They were all good and in keeping with the food we previously had on CocoCay.

And , where else to relax and take a break? My favorite secluded spot.

Here is a larger photo of a map of the island, just as I promised.

A word about sanitation. There were hand sanitizers everywhere and all RCCL staff were wearing masks, just like on the ship. The island was exceptionally clean and inviting. They are certainly doing their best to deal with the pandemic.

While we were having lunch it started to rain; very lightly but it was also the harbinger of things to come. Later there were torrential storms, thunder and lighting and wind. Fortunately, by the time the real storms arrived we were back on board.

I did manage to get a nice photo of the ship from the bridge to Chill Island.

Dinner was in the Main Dining Room on Deck 3 which is for vaccinated passengers. We had what was supposed to be a lovely table for two by a window. Now, picture this (in your mind as I have no photos), the dining room is sparsely filled with lots of table everywhere waiting to be occupied. Lots of nice tables to choose from in many good locations. For the most part the dining room is very spacious, done in whites and tans. Get the picture?

So where did the Maitre’D find our lovely, window-side table? Give it a thought before I tell you it was just opposite the bussing area. On this ship its not just a bussing area, it’s an entire alley with all sorts of activity, noise of clanking plates and glasses and rushing to-and-fro. Not ideal under any circumstances.

All of that notwithstanding, our service from Mark and Vincent, at table 124, was excellent. We were paced just right and they were attentive and professional.

Following dinner we made our way to the Piano Bar for a round of music and piano stylings. Then back to the cabin for a good evenings rest.

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