An Inn with a Ghost

Our good friend Jimmy was recuperating from a procedure a number of years ago, and certainly pre-pandemic, when he read Nora Roberts’ The Inn Boonsboro Trilogy. When he got home he demanded that we plan a trip to Boonsboro, Maryland, and stay in the Inn. Timing was not good at the moment and then the pandemic struck. It took many years before we could take the ride through New Jersey and Delaware into Maryland; 170 miles to the wonderful inn named, appropriately, Inn BoonsBoro on the Square.

According to the Boonsboro historical society (, the Eagle Hotel was the first stone building erected in Boonsboro and has been standing on the site of 1 Main Street since 1796. Fast forward to 1904 when the inn was known as the Commercial Hotel. In 1922 it was renamed the Boone Hotel. It fell into disrepair, having been occupied by various businesses, until it finally became home to pigeons as its only occupants. In 2007 Nora Roberts and her husband Bruce Wilder began restoring it.

I can attest to the fact that the restoration resulted in an exceptional building that is a place to be visited over and over. The Inn is the destination! The community and environs, Boonsboro, Antietam battlefield and the numerous local small towns, are just cherries on the top.

We visited the Inn Boonsboro, with Jimmy and Barbara, on September 9th and 10th, 2022. It’s a delightful bed and breakfast. And, the personnel were really pleasant; nothing we requested was to much or too difficult (not that we asked for much).

We couldn’t check in until 3pm so we had a good lunch at Dan’s, which is just across the street from the inn. Here’s a view of the bar.

After lunch we strolled around Main Street and I snapped a few photos as we went. I started with this photo of Jimmy, JoAnn and Barbara waiting, as all good pedestrians should, for the light to cross the street.

We came across this table with an interesting collection on it; all for sale. Name your price.

Let’s take a walk down Main Street and take in the sights; to begin an iron-work portico.

The architecture reeks of age and heritage. It is certainly reminiscent of a time gone bye. We met many folks sitting on porches or outside their stores (no photos of people as I didn’t want to intrude on their privacy) that said “hello” and took the time to tell us about goings on and their town. That’s real hospitality and community pride. Here is an example of a typical structure in Boonsboro.

Continuing on down and back up Main. I loved this building for everything it had to offer visually. If only buildings could talk; what stories they would tell us.

Continuing our walk, we noticed multiple banners honoring Boonsboro military heroes who served in times of war, WWI, Vietnam, Korea, WWII. It’s a great tribute to all who served.

And on we went.

This pretty house spoke to me; it said, “take my picture” and so I did.

And before we knew it we were back at the Inn just in time to check in, 3pm.

The rooms are all named after romantic fictional, literary couples and JoAnn and I reserved the Elizabeth and Darcy room, named for the couple in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It is decorated in lavender and cream tones and is really comfortable. Have a look.

The window sills were exceedingly thick and were home to a beautiful fresh flower arrangement.

All of the bathrooms are different and designed to complement the room and provide a relaxing experience if you are into baths. The showers all have rain shower and hand held heads as well as four delightful water jets to invigorate you. The toilets were outfitted with automatic heated seats, which saluted when you approached, flushed when you were done and lowered the lid as you left the room. No photo of the tub and toilet together were possible so I decided on the toilet.

Barbara and Jim reserved the Eve and Roarke room named for the couple in J. D. Robb’s In Death novels. The orange chest was the signature piece in the room.

The Eve and Roarke bathroom.

Now, you’ve seen two of the eight rooms in the Inn. There is still a lot to see and appreciate. As I said, the Inn was our destination and it did not disappoint. The restoration was outstanding and everywhere we looked there were quality decorations and quality workmanship from the wall coverings to the beds and linens to the bathroom fixtures. And, the personnel working in the Inn were pleasant and personable.

Here is a photo of Jenny who cooked breakfast for guests on Saturday and took time out to talk with us and give us some thoughts on what to do and where to dine. And she made a terrific breakfast of scrambled eggs accompanied by a great french toast.

From 5 to 7pm the innkeeper, on Friday the 9th the innkeeper was Haven, serves a charcuterie tray along with either a glass of red or white wine; and refills are available. We took ours out on the patio behind the inn.

I liked this bench and plants.

And these flowers in the corner.

We decided on dinner at the South Mountain Inn which was a short distance out of town, heading easterly on the National Highway, also known as Main Street. We enjoyed our meal and the restaurant which was set in a scenic location alongside the Appalachian Trial.

Then, it was back to Inn BoonsBoro for an after dinner libation and some pleasant conversation. I managed to snap this photo of Main Street as we sat on the balcony outside of our room.

JoAnn and I sat on a glider looking over Main Street. Before long I was, and I believe so was JoAnn, falling asleep as we lazily swayed back and forth. Sleep was the next item in order and our bed was so comfortable.

Now, you are probably wondering why this post is entitled “Inn with a Ghost.” That’s because according to the first book in the Boonsboro Trilogy the inn, during its restoration, is lovingly and intricately involved with a spirit named Lizzie. She seems to inhabit the Elizabeth and Darcy room and, in a crucial moment in the story, saves the day. JoAnn and I, as I said, stayed in Elizabeth and Darcy and I hoped for, an unrealized wish, that Lizzie would stop by. Still, it nice to believe that spirits exist, and exist for positive reasons.

Good night Boonsboro.


  1. Barbara Hurley

    This has to be one of my favorite of your blogs. You really captured the essence of the Inn and all its beauty. It was a wonderful adventure for the Besties!


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