Boonsboro days, September 10, 2022

We arose to a pleasant day and took our time getting down to breakfast. Nothing to do today but take it easy and stroll around the little town of Boonsboro. We were in no rush.

We were on the way back to Elizabeth and Darcy when we spied Kaylee, our inn-keeper for the morning, making up Titania and Oberon, which was named for the couple in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream. I think, of all the rooms and suites in the inn, this was my favorite. There was something etherial to the aura the room gave off. The colors, pastel greens and lavenders, spoke to me. Have a look for yourself, sorry but my photos do not do the room justice.

Here are two photos of the bathroom.

We also were able to catch a glimpse of the Westley and Buttercup suite, from The Princess Bride. It has a sitting room and sizable bedroom with its own themed bath. Have a glimpse.

Then, we were off for to visit downtown Boonsboro. September 10 & 11th were the 51st Annual Boonsborough Days (that’s right, I didn’t misspell the town’s name, that’s how it is spelled in the flyer promoting the event), a town fair hosted by the Historical Society. It was held in Shafer Park which is just a hop, skip and a jump from the inn. We ambled over late morning. As we were entering the park, I took this photo of an old barn. I liked the texture of the structure and the colors.

The park was filled with people shopping, queuing up in long lines for all sorts of food items or just walking around taking in the sights; just as we were about to do. Here’s a shot of the park.

As we strolled around we came across Brittani Locke of The Soft Asylum. What caught my eye was a young girl dripping pink dye on what I thought was water. Brittani’s specialty and talent was in creating beautiful designs through marbling, which is the art of transferring designs made by floating pigments in a liquid, known as “size”, to paper, on in her case silk. I was entranced by the colors and the technique. I watched as a girl floated one dye after another on the size, working it with a straw stylist and then transferring her design to a a piece of silk. This was destined to be a lovely scarf. I took a number of photos to try and give an idea of the art. Here is what I was able to produce. I hope you like them. For more information you can go to Wikipedia and search “paper marbling.”

This photo shows the dyes floating on the size.

This photo shows the dyes as artist and the young girl are immersing the silk on top of the dye. In this process the dyes transfers to the silk.

Here Britanni, holding a white jug, is rinsing and fixing the dye on the silk.

I loved the process, the colors and especially the final work of art.

We left the park to, once again, walk along Main Street. A couple of things caught my eye. Have a look.

I never miss a chance to take a photo of a flower or two.

Typical iron work.

Municipal building in downtown Boonsboro.

Another photo of the inn.

As we worked our way back, we stopped at the Turn The Page Bookstore, made famous in the BoonsBoro Trilogy. No visit to Boonsboro is complete without a stop in this iconic location.

Then it was on to Gifts Inn BoonsBoro where lots of interesting things are on sale.

We originally met Marcella in the inn. She is the magician who takes care of the beautiful flowers and plants throughout the inn. Today, she was helping out in the gift shop. What a great smile, and a nice person to match.

Back at the inn, I managed to capture this photo of JoAnn on the front porch.

Inside, we were able to check out a couple of other rooms, all of which were lovely.

The first is the Nick and Nora based on the couple in The Thin Man. Its primary tone was blue.

I also took a few photos of the common areas in the inn. First is a photo of the “reception” area.

A sitting area.

The lounge, where you could get a cold water or coke and sit down and relax.

Unfortunately, I forgot to grab a photo of the library with its built-in shelves and full bottle of Jamison’s Irish Whisky.

We had a wonderful weekend at Inn Boonsboro. It was, for us, the destination and it was worth the trip. We all said we will return. Time will tell.


  1. Barbara

    Another superior blog, Carl. I really enjoyed this one too. I felt like I was there, oh wait, I was and you described it beautifully.

  2. Kaylee Dillow

    It was such a wonderful time meeting you all at Inn BoonsBoro. I enjoyed all of our long talks and getting know each of you and your terrific stories about traveling. I am so grateful that I was able to make your stay at the Inn wonderful and hope to see you all back very soon!

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