Los angeles bound

September 29, 2022 found us on a plane bound for Los Angeles. We were up at 4:30 am for an 8:21 flight. Barbara and Jimmy, our good friends and traveling companions, are joining us. We are spending two days in Long Beach, just outside of LA, and then boarding the Discovery Princess for a seven day cruise along the California coast with a stop over in Ensenada, Mexico, for good measure.

What good luck, we were seated and ready to go in record time. We buckled up, sat back, listened to the safety talk and then the captain, in his senatorial voice, told us he couldn’t start the starboard engine and we were going to pull over for maintenance to come on board and see what the *#@* was the matter. Turned out the frazit module was on the blink and they were going to bypass it and start the engine in an alternative way. Good job maintenance.

Both engines were up and running and we were ready for takeoff. Wait. Not so fast! As we approached the taxi way we came to a rolling stop and after what seemed like an eternity Mr. Senatorial was back on the mic. This time the problem was with the GPS system. Apparently we couldn’t fly with two GPSs; no we needed three and that necessitated a call to Houston for help.

An hour and twenty minutes later we were off the earth and flying west to Los Angeles. A couple of hours later we were approaching the Grand Canyon. I swapped seats with JoAnn and took a couple of photos of the most marvelous sight. The Grand Canyon. Here are a couple of photos as we passed over.

We arrived at LAX around 11:40 am and were soon on our way to the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Long Beach. It’s pleasant and has a nice view of the harbor. From our window, in room 1408, we are able to see the historic Queen Mary as she sits peacefully in great repose. First a photo or two of our room and then the view.

We had a nice dinner at Parker’s Lighthouse on the water; just a handful of steps from the hotel. We had a table on the deck overlooking the Queen Mary. Here is a shot of Jimmy, Barbara and JoAnn with the Queen in the background.

We all enjoyed our meals and as we did day turned to night and I was able to capture this picture of the lighthouse.

Then, it was off to bed in anticipation of an active day tomorrow. Good night LA.


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