A stroll down state street, Santa barbara, october 5, 2022

After a day at sea, cruising down from San Francisco, we awoke to a pleasant day anchored off the coast of Santa Barbara. There was no docking in Santa Barbara; we needed to tender in to the marina. We were in no great hurry and were finally on a tender around 11:15am. Here is a photo from our cabin balcony looking into port. It was certainly hazy in the distance.

Once in port the four of us, Barbara, Jimmy, JoAnn and me, boarded a shuttle bus for State Street in the heart of Santa Barbara. We were there a couple of years ago and since that time a section of the street has been converted to a pedestrian way.

We enjoyed lunch at a small restaurant in La Arcada Plaza. We lunched here on our prior trip to Santa Barbara. Our table was big enough for 6 and protected by a big, red umbrella.

In the middle of the plaza is a small fountain which is the home to a number of turtles. If you squint you just may be able to make out a few laying in the warmth of the sun.

Leaving lunch we noticed an optician’s shop which caters to puppy dogs. Or does it?

Need your windows washed? I remember liking and photographing this statue before. He’s always wiping and never finishing.

Flowers adorn State Street; planters everywhere. I decided to do a study of this Bird of Paradise. Let me know if you like the concept of the study.

Moving up State Street we came upon the Museum of Art. Here is the building, now a piece of art in my blog.

This lovely statue of Juana Maria and Child stands sentinel at the intersection Victoria and State Streets.

More than one person can take a photo. Right Jim?

I enjoyed some of the artwork spotted along the avenue.

Upright pianos are scatted along State Street just waiting for someone, hopefully with talent, to sit down and play, just like this lady. She was taking a break and serenading her pup who was lounging at her feet.

The Spanish architecture is attractive. Here are a couple of examples.

A view down a side street toward the mountains.

As we retraced our steps in search of the shuttle, we came across this lovely sculpture. Once again, I decided to present you with a study of it in a slide show. Let me know what you think.

How about another flower? As I said, they are planted everywhere and bring an abundance of color.

Then, after another short shuttle ride we were back at the marina where I captured this beach and boat photo.

And a shot of the marina taken before we boarded the tender and returned to the Discovery Princess.


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    Beautiful pictures & story. I love “traveling” vicariously with you & several friends around the US & foreign lands! Thank you for sharing your adventures!

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