On Board Norwegian PR1MA, October 27, 2022

We left the Tremont House Hotel and arrived at the PR1MA around 11:15am to be greeted by an outrageous number of people all anxious to board the ship. Here is a photo of the entry hall teeming with humanity.

All things considered, we were through security fairly quickly and through check in also fairly quickly only to wait in a hall until our group was called to board. I guess we were on around 12:45 pm or so. I went to the room while JoAnn hurried to make dinner reservations for Saturday evening. When I reached the room I found that power (electricity) to the entire hallway was out. I immediately called the front desk and also spoke to a cabin steward who told me she had been calling for over 30 minutes. Problem solved about 15 minutes later and all was well.

Our cabin is very nice, bright, spacious and comfortable. Here are a couple of photos.

The cabin has adequate storage; lots of closet space and pull out wire drawers. All-in-all, probably enough storage for the average person on a seven day cruise. Now, having said that, as we watched people in line to board, we wondered where in heaven some of them were going to store what was obviously all of their clothes and then some. You should have seen some of the suitcases; many too large to pass through the scanners, Oh well! Not our problem.

If you follow my blog you know that I try to present things in a some form of a logical, coherent fashion. Not so today. In an effort to provide up-to-the minute information, I am going to use my photos from today which are not in a logical order. After boarding we just strolled around and I snapped photos as we went.

First, let me say that this ship is lovely. The colors, layout and design are beautiful. We walked around most of the vessel and as we went I took some photos when the crowd was not overwhelming. What follows is the result of my efforts. I will identify each venue for you and eventually I hope to offer a logical presentation. In the meantime, enjoy!

Hudson’s dining room. It offers a 270 degree view from all tables. We stopped there for lunch and our server, Lena, was terrific as were our selections. JoAnn and I started with fried crab wantons with a spicy dipping sauce and then I had a mushroom flatbread and JoAnn had an ahi tuna salad. She followed with a delicious carrot cake. Lunch in the dining room is alway a great place to go on embarkation day as it tends to avoid the crowds.

The PR1MA has a number of specialty dining venues, in some cases created by celebrity chefs. Each of them is lovely and visually outstanding. Hopefully the cuisines are equally wonderful.

Let’s start with Onda by Scarpetta on deck 8, an Italian restaurant.

The next two photos are of Los Lobos, a Mexican specialty restaurant.

How about a photo of the casino.

The Commodore Dining Room, one of the two main dining venues on the PR1MA, is much more traditional, especially when compared to Hudson’s.

The Soleil Bar, on deck 8, is a nice outside spot to take a little sun and enjoy the view

One of four infinity pools and adjacent relaxation areas.

Palomar, on deck 17, is a specialty Mediterranean seafood restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating. We are dining there Saturday. I’ll let you know what I think.

That’s about it for now. More to come. Hope I wet your whistle for more about the PR1MA.


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    Looks like a great ship with wonderful restaurant facilities. Will wait for your details as usual! Thx. Hi to Joanne

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