At Sea on the PR1MA, October 28,2022

Friday is a day at sea, sailing to Progresso, Mexico, a city on the eastern shore of the Yucatán Peninsula. Today we have an opportunity to get to know the ship. As I mentioned yesterday, this is really a beautiful ship; great color palette and fresh design. More traditional design would use straight lines from bow to stern. On the PR1MA curves feature in the flow of the decks. This results in smaller, more intimate areas.It’s hard to capture this feature in photos, at least it is hard for me. In any event what follows, again in more or less random order are my efforts.

Let’s start with a big personality at the Indulge Food Hall. Shrimp were certainly on the menu today.

Cagney’s specialty restaurant, a steak house.

Hopping around, here is a photo of one of the enormous slides. There are wet slides that you do in your bathing suit and dry slides where you sit on a cloth.

We made our way to the Speedway on deck 19. One can ride one of these mini-racers in competition with other passengers.

And for those who like to watch the races with a cool beverage there is the Speedway Bar.

Continuing our outside walk around we come to the Vibe Beach Club. It’s a location, on the stern, with its own bar and lots of space to take the sun and have a dip.

And now the Vibe Bar.

If you like the Vibe Beach Club, be aware there is a cost per person which is paid for the entire trip.

As I said, the ship is lovely and different.  Take for example the Penrose Atrium.  It rises three stories and has an irregular shape.  Unlike most more traditional ships, there is no imposing staircase or elegant chandelier; nothing to make an entrance on, no glitz.  The stairs in the atrium are different as you can see from the following photographs.  I like them, the colors and their feel.

The ceiling in the atrium is suspended glass pieces.  I thought it was creative and interesting.  In the pictures above it looks like stars in the midnight sky and in the photo below like birds in flight.

The Penrose Bar is located on deck 6 in the Atrium.   First a shot of the bar itself and then one of JoAnn in the table area.

The Gateway leads into the shopping area on the ship.  In reality, there are no shops in the traditional way of thinking.  Objects for sale are offered in discreet areas on the passage from the Penrose Atrium to dining areas.  It’s difficult to explain and in this case a picture or two says it all.

The shopping experience is an interesting concept which, in some odd way, seems more relaxed. Now, to be clear, there are shops on board but only a few which are located in and around the Penrose Atrium. Here is what serves as the logo shop. It opens into the Atrium from where one enters.

That’s it for now but there is more to come. Keep an eye open for my next post.


  1. Barbara Hurley

    This really is a differently designed ship and very interesting. Your pictures give a wonderful insight to this vessel.

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