HALLOWEEN in Haddonfield, 2023

Fall brings cool weather and trees that turn beautiful colors. It’s also time to for Halloween. Haddonfield is no exception to the decoration frenzy. What follows is a sampling of what our little town has in store for the unsuspecting. Everywhere I turn I find houses decorated with ghosts, ghouls and creatures of all different types. What I have to offer is merely a sample of what our little town has to offer. Enjoy.

Looking for a final resting place? How about a witches coven?

I lost my head but kept on riding!

One more ghost and demon? Spider webs to beat the band!

Watch out for the big black cat!

What lurks in the shadows.

As I was taking photos I came across this display and met the homeowner. He is new to town but is caught up in the spirit of the holiday. Great display. Here are two pictures, one I took during the day and one he took in the evening and sent to me for the blog.

Happy Halloween!🎃

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