A Busan afternoon in living color, April 20, 2019

We had a great lunch with Willow. She took us to a restaurant near the Haedong Yonggungsa Buddhist Temple that she likes. Lunch was typical Korean; a meat main course surrounded by a multiplicity of sides and a noodle main as well. I’m sorry I didn’t take a photo. It just may have been the best lunch we had.

From lunch we were off to an overlook high in the mountains upon which the city is built. She navigated narrow, winding streets as her car chugged its way up the steep streets. Then, we found ourselves looking down on the harbor and the fishing fleet at rest.

The view was spectacular; all of those boats side by side lined up waiting for duty. And, the skyline is outstanding. The city sprawls over the mountains and this view wonderful but only a teaser.

Bridges are everywhere, crisscrossing the sea; they are long, frequently double deckers Here is just one of those outstanding structures.

Our next stop was the Gamcheon Cultural Village. It is nestled high on a hill, facing the harbor and is loaded with color. Small, densely packed houses on narrow, curving paths crowd the area that was once a place for refugees from the war.

Here is a photo of JoAnn and Willow as Willow gestures at and explains an historical display.

Here is another shot which provides a perspective of the height and narrowness of the area.

The village is a living breathing place where people live, work and play. I found these three young ladies, in front of a cotton candy store, taking their photo interesting.

As we were leaving Willow took this photo of the two of us with the colorful, hillside village in the background.

Next up was the fish market and it was getting late and Willow had us running. Even though it was later in the afternoon, approaching 5 pm, the market was alive and active, outside

and inside, with all sorts of live, swimming fish.

Then, as we ran through the market, we again found ourselves outside in the warrens of merchants who were selling fresh fish and all sorts of cooked food.

You knew everything was good when row, upon row, of tables were populated with locals enjoying the cuisine.

Then, before we knew it, we were back in Willow’s car, passing through the city,

on our way back to the ship.

As we sailed, late in the evening, we were greeted to the view of yet another bridge, lit for our viewing pleasure.

And a glimpse of Busan at night.

We had a great day in a city I didn’t really want to visit; I’m glad we went and I would return.

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