Lake louise or bust, August 1, 2022

Take me to Lake Louise! Mount ‘em up and head on out. Board that motor coach, settle back and let Adrian do the driving. Lake Louise, here we come.

The scenery yesterday was nice but today held the expectation that we would be introduced to something truly spectacular. We stopped at Lake Minnewanka as our first stop. Jay, our tour director, promised us a beautiful blue lake and he didn’t disappoint.

The green lakeside forest was lovely as it contrasted with the blue of the lake.

I managed to sneak this shot of JoAnn before a friend took the next one of us.

Lake Moraine was our next stop where we spent a few minutes taking in the view. I’ve heard that Lake Moraine is one of the most photographed sites in Canada and I can see why. Wherever you look is a picture waiting to be taken. Here are just two shots of that most photogenic place.

Lunch at the Post Hotel followed our stop at Lake Moraine. It was on our way to Lake Louise and we thought the Post was somewhere near Lake Louise. My mistake, it turned out that it is located in Banff but we didn’t know that until we returned on Friday.

Lunch was, in my opinion, our best meal of the trip. I had chicken on egg noodles with a gravy that put me in mind of a Stroganoff. JoAnn also liked her salmon salad. Our starter was a chilled zucchini soup which was also excellent.

Here is a photo of one of the lakeside cabins at the Post followed by a relaxing scene of two Adirondack chairs looking at the river rushing by.

Then it was on to Chateau Lake Louise and the promise of a magnificent visual treat; Jay wasn’t kidding. Let’s start with a quick snapshot of our third floor room. Take a look out of the window. What do you see?

Have a better look.

The picture above was the view that greeted us and the one that follows was after the sun went down.

Good night Lake Louise. Sweet dreams in such a magical place.

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